MJ was scooped up by an agent at a public speaking contest when she was in grade school. From there she began doing stints on kids TV shows, where you can find incriminating VHS videos of her playing Margaret Thatcher at 11 years old.

Since then, she’s been working in theatre, voice, film & TV, playing equally absurd and fabulous characters. She can currently be seen as Melanie Truscott on TVO & APTN’s “Hard Rock Medical” and has been nominated for two Dora Mavor Moore awards and one BroadwayWorld Toronto Award for acting. 

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Agent contact:

Film/TV & Theatre: Nigel Mikoski  416-840-2699
Voice: Roberta Romano 416-538-6888 x224

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Voice Reels:

Official Fountainhead Voice Demo

French Voice Spot

Hosting Reel


As Kali, Shaw gives an astonishing performance. She is a seductive siren… radiates danger… and is positively frightening as the play carries onward. – Paula Citron review of Stockholm

Shaw gives a fearless performance as Kordic’s love Cindy.– Globe & Mail review of Sudden Death

Stella is the free-living, free-loving, hip-swinging tart with a heart of, well, silver – brought to perfect life by Melissa-Jane Shaw, who demonstrates that sensuality and sensitivity are not mutually exclusive. – Toronto Star review of Whale Music

Terrific performance by Shaw… at once charming and engaging in the physical aspect of the relationship, and almost possessed with rage as she becomes jealous of something both real and imagined.– Lynn Slotkin review of Stockholm